Kori Trek is one of the best treks that offers a heavenly view of the beautiful mountains including Machhapuchre, Annapurna, Kapuche, and Langtang. It’s a relatively new trek and it’s unexplored, you will love it if you love the adventure and rawness of trek and travel. I wouldn’t recommend this trek if this is your first-time trek.

Kori Trek

Summary of Kori Trek:

District: Kaski
Elevation: 3800 Meters from sea level
Difficulty: Moderate
Days: 6-8 days from and to Kathmandu
Cost: Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000
Best Season: February, March, April, May, September, October, November
The season when I traveled: November

Special Recommendation:

I would like to request you to stay at Namaste Guest house at Sikles and he will be managing all your journey. He is one of the best guys I have ever found while trekking all over Nepal.

Maila Dai: 98560-87487

Hotel: Namaste Guest House

Complete Itinerary for the Kori Trek

The trek takes you through remote villages, lush forests, and stunning mountain landscapes. Below is the complete Itinerary for the beautiful Kori trek.

Day 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara (Drive or Flight), Pokhara to Sikles – 4 hours offroad drive

All our bags were packed the day before and we were ready to leave Kathmandu at 5 am itself. I woke up at 4 am and picked up all my friends before it was 5 am and we left Kathmandu exactly at 5 am. We reached Pokhara at around 12 noon and then had some lunch. Our final destination was Sikles for the day and we weren’t done for the day.

We searched for the starting point for Sikles but we got lost for around an hour. We were supposed to go to Kahun Khola but we got lost for some time. We refueled our vehicle and were all set for the 4-hour off-road journey.

All the roads were mostly offroad from Kahun Khola. We left at around 2.30 pm from there and after 3 .5 hours of offroad drive, we saw the Sikles gate. The village looked beautiful with the glorious mountains in the background. It was only 6 pm but it was already dark. Sikles village was glowing and the mountains on the back were mesmerizing. We were already excited about the Kori Trek as soon as we saw those mountains from there.

We stayed at Namaste Hotel as the hospitality offered by Maila dai is the best and he is one of the main people who helped the growth of tourism in Sikles.

Day 2: Sikles to Hugu Goth (5.5 hours walk), Hugu Goth to Nhutah(5 hours walk)

We started our walk at 7:40 am after rating our breakfast. We left our unnecessary packing at the hotel itself and then headed towards Hugu Goth. The view that the way has to offer is unmatchable as you get to see crazy beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and more. It took us 5.5 hours to reach Hugu Goth and had our lunch there. The way was pretty okay so we didn’t take a guide to Hugu Goth. There is a waterfall on the way to Hugu which you shouldn’t miss.

It was 2:15 PM and our next destination was Nhutah the same day but we were already exhausted. We took the guide from the as the way was confusing and there was only one hut at Nhutah and not going without the guide will be a big mistake. We took the guide but it was dark midway and we were all scared. There was no place to stay in between and returning to Hugu was not an option.

We were using our headlamps, torchlight, and phone light to navigate through the jungle. I am personally scared of ghosts while my friends were scared of the bears that we could possibly encounter. After walking for 5 long hours, we finally reached the hut we were supposed to reach. The feeling of seeing that hut was priceless. This was the happiest point of my Kori Trek.

Kori trek

We were told that there was no one in the hut but to our surprise, we saw three people burning fire outside the hut and we felt happy to see them. Later on, we knew that they were lost in the jungle and finally found that hut so stayed outside the hut to ask for shelter there. There were getting back from Kori trek and got lost in the woods.

We all vibe and felt comfortable pretty easily and then started the conversation. Our group of 3 become 6 for that night. We didn’t have enough place to accommodate us all so it was not a great night for sleep. I spent most of the time checking my watch to see when it was going to be morning time.

Day 3: Nhutah to Kori (4 Hours Walk)

The morning view was surreal as we could see the mountains just in front of us. The wind was cold and I felt like I would freeze time and again. The fire we started was actually of no use either in that chilly weather. This is our relaxing day as we only had to go climb 4 hours uphill and then we were at our destination. We walked slowly and took a lot of photographs and still reached the destination in 5 hours. The weather starts being foggy after 11 am usually and you don’t see anything.

You are most likely to be lost if you don’t have an experienced guide who has done this trek earlier. We reached Kori at around 2 pm and we had plenty of time to rest. There was no network, electricity, or anything so all we did was stared at the mountains and spent our time.

There is a lack of water so you have to adjust for the toilet it was one of the major drawbacks of Kori Trek for me. I personally find not having toilets in trekking destinations is one of the most difficult parts for me. But the best thing about the toilet there is the mountain view that you can see from where you are.

Day 4: Kori To Sikles (8 hours walk)

Kori itself is like the viewpoint so there is no other viewpoint that will be better for us. We walked around 7 minutes from the back of the hotel to reach the top of Kori viewpoint. We took a lot of photos and videos while staring at the mountains and enjoying the view. We were the only group to be there that day so it was really peaceful. I was surprised to see Ncell 4G coverage on top of Kori Danda. I immediately surfed 4G for some time for a quick update and then got back to enjoying the great view.

I will let these pictures speak more about this day rather than describe them.

Kori Trek

After we were satisfied with the view, we started descending and it took us around 9 hours to reach Sikles. We started to walk at 9:30 am and reached Sikles at 5:15 pm on the same day. Since we had our own vehicle, we started our journey to Pokhara the same day. We started driving from Sikles at 6:15 pm and reached Pokhara at 9:30 pm.

Day 5: Sikles to Pokhara (4 hours off-road drive), Pokhara to Kathmandu (Flight or Bus or Micro Bus)


You can return to Pokhara early morning from Sikles and be back in Kathmandu by flight or by micros bus if you are not tired. You can also stay at Pokhara and enjoy some time over there if you have enough time. You will be too tired to do any activities over there but still, Pokhara has a different level of calmness and sense of enjoyment.

This relatively less explored Kori trek is amazing and offers one of the best mountain views. Since its new route, it still has a long way to go regarding hotels, routes, facilities, and more. If you are an experienced trekker then it’s highly recommended trek but you need to have at least 6 to 8 days time to complete it without any rush.


How long is Kori Trek?

It will take a minimum of 6 days to a maximum of 8 days to complete this trek comfortably. It depends upon the pace and the transportation service.

How hard is Kori Trek?ย 

It’s mostly stiff uphill so it’s considered to be pretty difficult but since it is only two days uphill and one day downhill, it can be considered a moderately difficult trek.

Which is the best season for the Kori trek?ย 

November/December is the best time for a mountain view but the rainy season would be best if you want to see beautiful flowers the mountain view at that time is pretty difficult.

What is the height of Kori trek?

Kori danda is the final destination of Kori Trek and its located at a height of 3800 Meters from sea level.

Is Kori Trek a good trek for a beginner?

I wouldn’t recommend Kori Trek if you are a beginner as it’s a new trek and there are limited hotel options along with the services available.

Google Map of Kori Trek:

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  1. Thanks for the info about the trek and route. It was indeed one of the best experience to have met you guys while we 3 were lost in the middle of nowhere. I hope you guys had fun too๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Wow, what fantastic information about the Kori trek! The details provided from start to end, along with the stunning photos, truly make it an incredible resource. Thank you for sharing such useful information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and it has inspired me so much to consider embarking on this adventure.

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