The Cliff is undoubtedly one of the best bungee jumps in Nepal because of the extreme level of adventure it has to offer and the fact that it’s the second-highest bungee jump in the world.

Summary of The Cliff- Best Bungee in Nepal:

Location: Kushma

Height: 228 Meters (Second highest in the world)

Distance: 62 KM from Pokhara (Around 2 hour’s comfortable drive)

Price: Rs. 8,500 per person including photos and videos

Adventure Level: High

Value for money: High


Cost/Rates of Activities:

Best Bungee in Nepal - The Cliff
Rate as on 11/10/2021

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An adventurous soul with a fear of heights is not a great combination and I fall under that category. I wanted to face my fear and I was all pumped up to do things that were scary even in my imagination. All bags packed, first stop to Pokhara after 6 hours of driving, stayed there a day, and then the next day we drove for another 2 hours on a beautiful new highway.

The roads were beautiful and you could actually breathe fresh air for some time. Excited and nervous, I reached “The Cliff- the best bungee in Nepal” which is located at Kushma. The fact that it’s the second-highest bungee in the world added more nervousness and excitement to my body. I was excited, I felt ready, I wanted to jump ASAP, and with full excitement, we parked our vehicle and took our belongings.


Suddenly the excitement dropped, I had to take longer breaths, and I started noticing a faster heartbeat because I now had a view of the place from where we were about to jump. We took some photos and then started filling out the waiver form. I didn’t read that form because I knew for sure that those terms and conditions were going to make me cynical.

I was weighed in a machine, and my weight was written on the back of my hand. They asked whether I was doing Bungee or Swing, and at the last minute I changed my mind; I don’t know why, but I said I wanted to do Swing because that was scarier. I started gathering courage, and I wanted to make it large for myself. It was more about my confidence and self-esteem now than just fear or excitement. Now all the formalities were complete, and I was ready for the jump from one of the best bungees in Nepal.


I gave everything to my friends who were not jumping, and then I started my march toward the Bungee Pod, which looked super beautiful from far away. The whole bridge was scary, and just to make myself more comfortable with the height, I kept looking downward, even though it scared me every time. And then I finally entered the bungee pod. Two of my friends were doing Bungee, and there were only a few people doing Swing. They started preparing us with all the safety equipment.

I felt safe as they were doing multiple safety checks and ensuring everything was working fine. They were well-behaved, and I must say they gave me a lot of confidence before the jump that was very much required of me. To ensure that there are no human errors, multiple people were ensuring that everything was in place and that it was checked at multiple checkpoints, which is one of the best things that I liked about the place.

I was ready and waiting in line when an Indian woman was pulled up from the swing. She had a red face, was nervous yet excited, and had so many expressions on her face. She came up, hugged her friend, and cried, saying that it was one of the most adventurous things she has ever done, and she was overwhelmed that she was able to do it. The scene was beautiful, but the fear of me going through that same exact scenario didn’t let me enjoy that moment. And then, finally, they called my name. There was one last safety check, and I was taken to the edge.

It was no joke now, and I was now officially going to jump. There was no turning back now, no change in heart, and there was no way I was coming out of that pod without jumping. I was standing at one of the highest bungee points in the world, not just in Nepal, and that’s one of the reasons it’s considered to be one of the best bungees in Nepal. I was nervous, I was scared, I was excited—there was a rollercoaster of emotion, and then there was a cheerful camera crew asking my name and how I was feeling. He was busy taking my photos, but I could slowly feel the colors fading from my face every time I took a peek at the river that was roaring like a lion.


I couldn’t focus more on the camera, and then the crew was giving me a pep talk. They asked me to not look down and to step ahead a little at a time. I felt I was already on the edge, and they kept asking me to move a little more and more. Now I was on the complete edge; the rope was pulling me down, and I was holding it super strong as advised to me by them.

Now I was ready; they said 3, 2, 1, JUMP, and then I gathered all the courage that I had left on me and took that JUMP, which felt like the hardest thing that I ever did. It took me a few seconds to reach below, and it felt like the longest seconds of my life. I could think about everything at that point; everything was flashing in front of me.

For a moment, I forgot that they have clipped rope and chords all over my body, and I felt like I was only falling like John Mayor said, “Free Falling, Free Falling.” Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I could feel the rope with the first jerk on the rope, and I felt safe and secure. I was not going to die that day, and now I could enjoy the ride better. I was swinging there for some time, enjoying the gorgeous view of Kaligandaki with the green forest on its side. It’s one of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed, and right at that moment, I felt that I made the right decision by jumping. And after some time, they slowly pulled me up with a rope, and I was in the same pod in no time.

I was more excited than ever; I felt confident; I felt happy; there was nothing called fear in me at that point, and I was also relieved that it was over. My anxiety was gone, and I could now sit on the side and watch others jump, and I actually enjoyed it because my part of the job was done. After all of us jumped, we went to the resort on the other side, which was beautiful, and we immediately started taking photos. We had our lunch there and did a small swing over there too, and it was also very interesting and scary at the same time. There were other sports too, and we did a few of them while we were waiting for our food order, the place felt very vibrant.

After spending a few hours there, we returned to our vehicle and then took another 2 hours to drive back to Pokhara. We talked about feelings that we had, how nervous we were, and mostly only things related to Bungee, and finally, we were back in Pokhara with all our memories in our hearts and minds. Our only wish now was for the photos and videos to arrive in a few days so we could relive the moment.

Thank you, Cliff, for bringing such adventurous sports to Nepal and helping us explore things that we had never imagined before. Personally, I think it’s the best bungee in Nepal, and there’s is no doubt about that. Cheers!

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