Mailung Waterfall – One Day Trip to Paradise

Mailung Waterfall or Mailung Jharna (also known as Bhange Jharna) is a hidden gem and perfect demonstration of the raw beauty of Nepal. Situated at the heart of Rasuwa, this paradise is for both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. One day trip is enough to witness this heavenly place. It is one of the best weekend getaway for the people who are looking for a quick getaway and recharge themselves.

Mailung Waterfall, Rasuwa

Overview of Mailung Waterfall (Jharna) trip

District: Rasuwa
Distance: 73 KM from Kathmandu
Difficulty: Easy
Days: 1 day trip from Kathmandu
Cost: Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000
Best Season: August, September, October
The season when I traveled: September
Route: Kathmandu – Tokha – Battar – Mailung

Mailung Waterfall

Heard a lot about Mailung Jharana on social media and I was planning for a long time to visit the place. I had witnessed amazing waterfalls nearby Kathmandu which motivated me to explore this amazing waterfall. Five of us gathered together and took the pickup from Kathmandu and left the city at 6:30 am. We started early as we had to be back on the same day and it was possible to do it if we started early.

Mailung Waterfall

It took us tentative 3.5 hours to reach the waterfall and it felt like we were in some movie set of Avatar as it felt out of the world. The waterfall felt larger than life and you could actually stare at it for hours. It was majestic yet dangerous too.

There were so many waterfalls on the way that we lost count of how many we saw. All of them were pretty big and equally beautiful. We reached the popular waterfall that we kept on social media and we went a little bit farther as it was pretty crowded at that place. We found other big waterfalls and spent time in many waterfalls.

We lost our way when we reached the waterfall 1 hour later than expected. We spent around 3 hours over then and then headed back to Kathmandu. We also ate our lunch at Siddhartha Hospitality located at Trishuli. We reached Kathmandu at around 6:30 PM.


The weekends are busy there but since the waterfall is very big, you won’t feel that its too crowded. It is better to go on weekdays if you don’t prefer crowds and want some peaceful time there. It is one of the best weekend getaway for the people who are looking for a quick getaway and recharge themselves.

Things to carry for Bhange Jharna

  • Slippers
  • Half pant or swimming trunks
  • Towels
  • Raincoat
  • Food
  • Sunscreen
  • Small first aid kit for emergency

Bhange Waterfall, Rasuwa

Personal tips to get the utmost experience of Bhange Jharna trip

  • Start as early as possible if you are planning for a one day trip.
  • Off-road vehicles are recommended.
  • Be very careful if you are going towards the top of the waterfall as the rocks are slippery.
  • Go beyond the regular waterfall point as there are more waterfalls in between 2-3 Km distance.
  • Carry some food as there are only small temporary tea shops near the waterfall.
  • Do swim the small pond at the base of waterfall.

Mailung Jharna, Rasuwa


1. How far is Mailung Waterfall from Kathmandu?

Its 73 KM far from Kathmandu and would take around 3 hours to drive there.

2. Can we visit Bhange Jharana in a day?

Yes, you can complete it in a day. You have to start early from Kathmandu.

3. When is the best season to travel to Mailung jharana?

Its better during the rainy season because there will be a lot of waterfalls and the entire place will be lush green.

4. How is the road condition of Mailung Jharna?

More than 90% of the road is blacktopped and very comfortable. Around 10 KM is off road and it will be difficult for you if you don’t have a proper vehicle.

5. Can I go to Mailung Waterfall in Bike and Scooter?

Yes, you can take both a bike and scooter to the waterfall. Bikes would be a better option and scooter is difficult. There were many people who were taking scooters too.

Google Maps Location of Bhagekhola Waterfall: 



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