Bhairav Kunda trek is an underrated trek route that offers a beautiful travel experience that includes a beautiful lake, almost 360-degree mountain views, off-road travel, and the villages on the way.

Brief Summary of Bhairav Kunda Trek:

District: Sindhupalchok
Elevation: 4250 Meters from sea level
Difficulty: Easy
Days: 2-3 days from and to Kathmandu
Cost: Rs. 3,500 to Rs.5,000 (Including hotel, fuel, food and other regular expenses)
Best Season: February, March, April, May, September, October, November
The season when I traveled: February

An Overview of Bhairav Kunda Trek

I just got back from an incredible weekend trip to Bhairav Kunda and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. Bhairav Kunda is a hidden gem located at 4,200 meters in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal and holds great religious significance. People mostly visit during Janai Purnima, a Hindu festival celebrated in the region, but I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful place in the heart of winter.

Every year in August, during the full moon in the month of Bhadra, thousands of pilgrims visit the area to preserve the sacred pilgrimage sites and admire the pristine lake and stunning scenery. In addition to the lake, the Bhairav Kunda trek offers magnificent views of the mountains, Tibetan Plateaus, and glaciers, as well as opportunities to discover and experience different lifestyles as you travel through various places and times.

Breathtaking view from Bhairav Kunda

Summary Itinerary of Bhairav Kunda Trek:


Kathmandu – Barabishe (90km) – Pitched Road (3 hours)
Barabishe – Daklang (16km) –  Pitched road but damaged after the earthquake (30mins)
Daklang- Listi-Bagam (25km) – Complete Offroad (1.5 hours)
Bagam is where you will stay. There are homestays and hotels available there.
The Village of Bagam_ On the way to Bhairav Kunda Trek

Day 2: 

Bagam – Chokarmokar (10km) – Technical Offroad – New Opened Track (2 Hours)
Chokarmokar – Bhairabkunda (2 hours easy hike)
BhairavKunda to Chokarmokar : 1.5 Hours Hike Back
Chokarmokar to Bagam: 1.5 Hours Drive
Bagam to Kathmandu: 5.5 Hours drive (2.5 hours offroad – 3 hours black topped road)
Ride Difficulty: HARD
Kathmandu – Barabishe (90km) – Daklang (16km) – Listi – Bagam (25km)
The journey to Bhairav Kunda is not for the faint-hearted. The first three hours of the drive from Kathmandu were on a pitched road and then it was off-road all the way. We had to go 16 km from Barabishe to the place called Daklang and take a left turn towards Listi. The off-road was extreme at times and it’s advised not to attempt this without a proper 4×4 vehicle or an off-road bike. Our destination for the first day was Bagam, which we reached by 5 pm after a 6-hour drive. It’s a new offroad drive and you need to be very careful when you drive/ride there.
Map On the way to Bhairav Kunda Trek
Bagam – Chokarmokar (10km) – Bhairabkunda (2 hours easy hike)

The next day, we started early from Bagam towards Bhairav Kunda at 5:45 am. The road was completely off-road, new, and slippery in the morning. The turns were not enough for my pickup so we struggled to take those new turns time and again. It’s at a high altitude and the vehicle performance was also slowing going down and had to use 4×4 time and again. I was praying to god that our pickup doesn’t break down because if it did, getting help was an insanely difficult task. We were also very tight on time too.

Bhairav Kunda Trek

It took us about 1.5-2 hours to reach the end of the motorable road and then we started the walk. The moment we started the walk, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and it was an out-of-this-world experience. After a 2-hour easy walk, we finally reached Bhairav Kunda and it was frozen, surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides. I was so excited that I tried to walk on the frozen lake but was scared that it might crack. So, instead, I shouted, jumped, took photos, and did silly stuff with my friends. We also had our packed lunch there and gazed at the lake and mountains for some time.

Bhairav Kunda to Kathmandu

After spending about an hour at the lake, we started descending back to our hotel at 11:30 am and reached our parking spot at 12:45 pm. We then started the drive back to Bagam, it took us around 1.5 hours to reach there.  We were super hungry and had our awaited meal there and we were ready to be back in Kathmandu at 4 PM.

Beautiful Mountain seen from Bhairav Kunda

If you have enough time then you can take one day extra and stay there to make it a more relaxed trip. Since all of us had to be at the office by Monday, we started descending at 4 PM and reached home by tentative 9 PM. It took us less time to be back as we were familiar with the road and we didn’t stop for anything in between. It was a tiring and hectic day but it was all worth it because of the beautiful breathtaking view that we saw at Bhairav Kunda. The way was also challenging and after we returned safely, we enjoyed that too.

What made this trip even more special was the friendly locals who helped us in different places. On the way, we rarely encountered other travelers, making our trip more intimate and authentic. However, it’s important to note that you won’t find any water in between when you start the walk, so make sure to carry enough water with you. Bhairav Kunda is also a religious place, and we got to perform some Puja there too, adding to the spiritual essence of the trip.

Icy Way on the Bhairav Kunda Trek

In conclusion, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. I was pleasantly surprised that we could reach such a beautiful destination and be back in Kathmandu in just two days. Although it was a tight schedule, it’s advised to take three days if you want to travel in a relaxed manner. Bhairav Kunda is a relatively new destination, so don’t expect to find any luxurious hotels or facilities on the way, but the journey and the destination are worth it. Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure, and if you have the chance, go ahead and explore Bhairav Kunda!

Difficult Roadway to Bhairav Kunda Trek

Some Important Tips to Remember During Bhairav Kunda Trek
  1. This beautiful trek can be completed in two days. However, you can take an extra day to make the trip more relaxed and without a rush.
  2. It’s important to note that you won’t find any water in between when you start the walk from Chokarmokar, so make sure to carry enough water with you.
  3. Bhairav Kunda is a relatively new destination, so don’t expect to find any luxurious hotels or facilities on the way, but the journey and the destination are worth it.
  4. During our travel, the road was completely off-road, new, and slippery in the morning. The turns were not enough for our pickup so we struggled to take those new turns time and again. If you are planning to take your own vehicle, do some extra research about the road and double-check the condition of your ride.
FAQ about Bhairav Kunda Trek:
Where is Bhairav Kunda situated?

Bhairav Kunda, a sacred lake that provides breathtaking views of the high Himalayas is located in the Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. This pilgrimage site is situated towards the northeast of the Kathmandu Valley, near the border with Tibet.

What is the meaning of Bhairav Kunda?

Bhairav Kunda is composed of two words, Bhairava and Kunda. Bhairava means the angry or destructive manifestation of Lord Shiva and Kunda means lake or pond.

What is the altitude of Bhairav Kunda? 

Bhairav Kunda is located at a height of 4250 Meters from sea level.

What is the best time and season for Bhairav Kunda trek?

Bhairv Kunda is a religious place and people travel there in the month of August when ‘Janai Purnima- a festival of Hindus’ falls. So, religiously speaking, the best time is August. However, February, March, April, May, September, October, and November are all decent times for the Bhairav Kunda trek.

What are the total itinerary costs for Bhairav Kunda trek?

It costs around 3500 – 5000 rupees per person for this two days visit. If you are staying there for an extra day, some more money should be managed accordingly.

How many days should I walk on the Bhairav Kunda trek? 

It will take you 2 hours to walk only after you start your walk. Most of the travel is by vehicle.

Will there be snowfall on the Bhairav Kunda trek? 

Yes, there will be occasional snowfall. You should get an update about it before going there. Lake is beautifully frozen during winter.

Are there hotels on the Bhairav Kunda trek?

This is a relatively new trekking route but there are good hotels and homestays at Bagam. You won’t find hotels near Kunda.

Can a beginner attempt the Bhairav Kunda trek?

Yes, beginners can start with this trek. You need to care about the altitude as it’s at a relatively higher altitude. If you are a beginner, please make it a three-day plan and take altitude slowly without any rush.

Google Maps Location of Bhairav Kunda Trek:

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