Camping at Manungkot was once considered one of the national destinations due to its breathtaking views of the clouds below and stunning sunrise. Located on the way from Kathmandu to Pokhara, reaching this popular spot for camping is easy and convenient.


Morning View from Manungkot Camping

Summary About Manungkot Danda: 

District: Tanahu

Location: Manungkot Danda

Height: 1000 Meters from sea level

Days: Overnight trip

Cost: Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 including petrol, food, and other expenses.

Camping area charge: Free

The season when I traveled: November

Best time to visit: January, February, March, October, November, and December

Morning View (2) from Manungkot Camping

Detailed Trip To Manungkot Danda

We planned the Manungkot trip when the routine of Nepal banda just announced Manungkot as the new favorite destination of travelers. It was bad news for us as we knew that there will be a big crowd who will be reaching there. Some friends even canceled the plan for the same reason but few of us were prepared for the plan.

View from Manungkot Camping

Kathmandu – Manungkot (10-12 Km)

We packed everything and it took us around 6 hours to reach Manungkot danda. The way is mostly highway and around 10-12 KM is offroad. We were expecting a big crowd but when we were about to reach the location, it was nowhere near our expectations. There were thousands of people in the location. It was reported that more than 10,000 people visited the location in a single day.

Managing tents for Manungkot camping

At The Manungkot Danda

There was a big vehicle jam, vehicles were parked haphazardly and everything was chaos over there. We panicked for some time but found someplace to park our car on one side and unloaded everything. We carried our things and made 10 minutes trip to the top of the hill. The hill was fully occupied already by other visitors. We took some time to scout the best place and figured it out after some time.

Setting up tents for Manungkot camping

The Camping Experience

It was already dark and we started making our camp ready. We placed three tents and then started making arrangements for the sleeping. After that, we set up our stove, and then we were ready to cook. We cooked our food and started having fun with friends. We met a few other friends too over there. It was a strange sight, people were singing, some groups were dancing, some were playing cards and so many things. We couldn’t sleep the whole night as people were coming and going all the time even at midnight. We started the campfire with some firewood that we had collected and then tried to sleep for some time.

The Sunrise View From Manungkot Danda

At 5 am, we woke up and then went for the view. We waited for the sunrise and we could see the breathtaking sunrise from the top. We were also expecting to see the clouds below us but the weather was not clear. We were not able to see the clouds and it was all foggy. Regardless of the weather, it looked beautiful.

Sunrise View from Manungkot

After spending 2 hours for the sunrise view, we got back to our camp. We cooked breakfast on the stove that we had. Breakfast included sausage, bread, paratha, ham, and egg. It was one of the best breakfasts we had as we were hungry. We could see the way below and there was around 2-3 km of parking and there was no way that we could get out from there without waiting for others to go first.

Manungkot To Kathmandu

After waiting for 2-3 hours, at around 11:30 am people slowly started moving and then the way started opening up. We packed all our tents, and campings kids and rushed to our vehicle. We headed back to our home after having the time of our lifetime.

Night View from Manungkot camping

Some Tips To Get The Most of The Camping

  1. Sunrise and the clouds below you are the best views one can get from the trip. So, have deep research about when you can enjoy both of these beauties.
  2. Do not forget any of the items from the packing list below we have provided.
  3. Generally, on the weekends, the hill is very crowdy and full of traffic. So, it is better to plan the camping on other weekdays if possible.
  4. Please keep in mind that the accommodations in Manungkot are not fancy or luxurious. If you are okay with basic amenities, then consider planning an overnight trip to Manungkot. It’s important to avoid setting high expectations, as this may affect your overall experience negatively.

Beautiful Manungkot in Images

Here are a few photos to summarize what our Manungkot camping trip looked like.

Beautiful Manungkot in Images Beautiful Manungkot in images Beautiful manungkot in images

Beautiful Manungkot in images

Beautiful Manungkot in images

Beautiful Manungkot in images

Our packing for Camping at Manungkot:

  • Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, and warm cloths 
  • Small stove, gas, lighter, knife, and multi-function utensils
  • Paper towels or toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer, bug spray, mosquito repellent
  • Phone stand for photos and good timelapse videos
  • Black shades
  • BBQ Machine and coal
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Guitar and Ukulele
  • A lot of water
  • Speakers, charger, power bank, etc.
  • Marinated chicken
  • Bread, salami, sausage, jam, eggs, paratha, noodles, chips, juice, and more.
  • Milk and all ingredients to make tea and coffee
  • Some firewood

Google Maps Location of Manungkot Danda:

FAQ related to Manungkot Danda:

1.  How far is Manungkot danda?

Manungkot danda is around 162 KM (Tentative 5 hours drive) far from Kathmandu and around 11 KM from Damauli. It’s mostly offroad from Damauli and will take you around 30-40 mins from there.

2. Is it safe for camping at Manungkot?

The place is safe for camping as there are no jungles nearby and has a small village there. It’s now tourist friendly place.

3. What type of vehicle reaches there?

Any kind of vehicle will reach there during normal weather. Please note that it might be difficult for small cars during the rainy season.

4. When is the best time to visit and for camping at Manungkot danda?

The best time to visit Manungkot danda is January, February, March, October, November, and December

5. What is the height of Manungkot danda?

Manungkot Danda is avobe 1000 meters high from sea level.

6. What is the history of Manungkot?

According to Hindu Mythology, the area is shrouded in a dense fog, which was created by the great sage Maharishi Parasar. The story goes that the fog was created to protect Maharishi Parasar’s beloved, Machhegand, who was believed to reside in the nearby town of Damauli.

Machhegand, who was also the mother of the famous sage Maharishi Bed Byas, was said to be under threat from evil spirits who wanted to harm her. In order to protect her, Maharishi Parasar cast a spell that created a thick fog around the hill, making it difficult for anyone to approach the area where Machhegand lived.

Over time, the fog has become an integral part of the local folklore and adds to the mystical charm of Manungkot. Visitors to the hilltop can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, which is often shrouded in the same fog that Maharishi Parasar is said to have created centuries ago.

7. Are there hotels and homestays in Manungkot?

Lately, there are some hotels around the area. Staying in a homestay or camping on the hilltop is the best option if you want to experience the warm hospitality of the local people. The homestays in Manung are built in the traditional mud house style and offer a unique and authentic experience. However, it’s important to note that the accommodations are not luxurious or fancy. So, if you’re comfortable with basic amenities, plan for an overnight trip to Manungkot. Avoid setting high expectations, as it may spoil your trip.

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