Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana, and Bheda Farm trips can be done in a day if planned well, and you don’t even have to rush anything. It’s on the same route, and planning will help you enjoy enough time in all three places.

Mohini Jharana - One day trip


Summary of the trip – Kulekhani Markhu Trip +  Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

District: Makwanpur

Location: Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana, and Bheda Farm

Days: 1-day trip near Kathmandu valley 

Cost: Rs. 2500 to Rs. 6,000, including petrol, food, and other expenses. Hiring Scorpio will cost a little more. 

The season when I traveled: November


Travel Detail: Kulekhani Markhu Trip + Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

Kathmandu to Kulekhani: 2 hours

Kulekhani to Bhedafarm: a 20-minute off-road journey toward Chitlang

Bhedafarm to Kulekhani: 20 minutes drive

Boating at Kulekhani: 1 hour in total

Kulekhani to Mohini Jharana: 1-hour off-road drive

Mohini Jhanara to Kathmandu: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Kulekhani: A One-Day Getaway with Friends

Getting all my college friends in one place and traveling together has already seemed like an impossible task, but this time I made it happen, at least by getting a few of them to sign up. We had one whole day and nothing more than that. So, the destination that we chose was the Kulekhani area, where we would enjoy the surroundings and keep moving on until it was too late to return home. 

Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

We were supposed to meet at 6 am but you know how it is when you are taking out friends who have kids, run their businesses, and whatnot. We all met at around 8 am and then headed toward Kulekhani in the self-driving Scorpio that we hired. All our things were packed. We carried everything that needs to be carried for a proper dry picnic.

Our Journey to the Bheda Farm in Kulekhani

It took us around two hours to reach Kulekhani and we ate some chips and packed food on our Scorpio. We didn’t find a proper place to park our vehicle and enjoy the view, so we kept exploring and heard that there is a Bheda farm nearby, so we started our explorer mode. After some time of searching and moving 2-3 KM up towards Chitlang, we finally reached the Bheda farm and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It felt like I was in the movies where they show the countryside with horses and sheep.

Spending Quality Time with Friends in the Serene Kulekhani

Excited, we parked our vehicle and started taking out our food, camping chairs, camping stove, cool box, and everything that we had packed. We walked for around 5 minutes and then finally selected a good place to settle down and unpacked everything. We started cooking sausages, and salami, toasting the bread and drinking cold drinks along with some soft music.

The feel was majestic with the song music followed by the cool breeze while we sat on our camping chairs enjoying everything every bit. That was one of the most fulfilling things that I did in a very long time because there is nothing like college friends and the bond that we share with them. We stayed there for around 2 – 2.5 hours and then we packed everything and we had to move to our next stop. 

Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

A Relaxing Boat Ride in Kulekhani

Our next spot was boating at Kulekhani Dam and then we took our tickets. It was crazily crowded, but we got our turn after waiting for 10-15 minutes and the ride was smooth. The flow of water was so smooth and relaxing that it forced me to think about my life and question everything that was going on in my life. The waves, gentle breeze of air, soft music on my phone, the company of my friend, and everything was perfect. But the next thing that started going on my mind was to go to the next destination as it was already around 3:30 pm when we were there. After a good 15-20 minutes of boating, we all were pumped up for our next destination. 

Mohini Jharana - One day trip

A bumpy ride to paradise: Our journey to the final destination – Mohini Jharana

Our next destination was a little far; all roads were off-road, and we were already late and had to pass through a dense forest. Regardless, I wanted to go and hype everyone up to go to the next best destination that we all were about to love. We decided and then started driving towards our next destination as I was the designated driver. We crossed the river with no bridge, dense forest, and roads were pretty bad, and we were already kind of frustrated but we kept our cool as we had the best people in our Scorpio, and there was never a dull moment. After driving for almost an hour, we reached the point where we could part our vehicle and after successfully parking there, I felt like I could do anything in my life. 

Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

A BBQ Party at Mohini Jharana

We had well-marinated chicken, a BBQ machine, coals, and everything needed for a good BBQ party. It was already 5 pm when we reached there and we rushed toward the destination, which was 10 mins downhill from the parking. And then we saw the first glance of MOHINI JHARANA, and as usual, I was the one to get too excited and started running towards it with everything in my hand. I reached the base of the waterfall, kept everything in a safe place, and then I had to go and see the waterfall closely.

The water felt freezing, but it didn’t matter. I dipped my legs in the water and enjoyed the sound of the waterfall. We took some photos, enjoyed the view, and started feeling like I was hungry. It was already around 5 hours since we last ate, so I started setting up a BBQ machine with coals in it. Meats were loaded in the skewers and we were all set to do one of the most epic BBQ parties we ever had but to our surprise, it nearly took us a good 15-20 minutes just to heat the coal and keep it functioning. After finally getting it ready, we started our BBQ party along with music and I wanted that time to never stop.

The waterfall was in the middle of the Jungle and it was not safe to stay there for too long as it started getting darker. Within 15 minutes the day changed into night immediately and we planned to pack everything. BBQ was not completed but we took all those skewers in our hands and started packing and then we started our 15-minute uphill journey. I kept eating the BBQ from the skewers as I was the driver and other friends planned to eat in our vehicle. We rushed to our vehicle parking lot and then kept everything in it within a few minutes and we were ready to roll. 

Mohini Jharana

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime: Our Epic Adventure in Kulekhani

Getting back from the trip has always been the least favorite part for me and that too from a trip with the best buddies. It took us around 2 hours to return to Kathmandu and we already started talking about how much fun the day was while there were eating the BBQ and offering me time and again, BEST.  It was around 10 PM when I dropped everyone home and then I finally reached home at 10:30 PM. I slept a very peaceful sleep knowing that I had enough Tiktok and photos for Instagram enough for the next month. 😛  

Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

The best part of this travel is it’s very near to Kathmandu and you can easily reach there. You can travel by bike, scooter, or personal vehicle too. Roads are pretty bad in a few places so you need to prepare accordingly, but if you are going to Kulekhani only then any average car and bike will reach there without any difficulties. 

Kulekhani, Mohini Jharana and Bheda Farm

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