Ama Yangri is one of the nearest trek destinations from Kathmandu. It’s good news for those who have only two days off and want to travel somewhere nearby and a relatively easier way to start. Ama Yangri is a beautiful destination located in Helambu. You will get to experience the almost 360-degree mountain range from the top without anything blocking the view. The walk is also moderate and you don’t have to worry much about altitude sickness either. If you go in the right season, you will get to experience the snowfall too.

Details of Ama Yangri

District: Sindhupalchok

Location: Ama Yangri

Height: 3,771 Meters

Difficulty: Easy

Days: 2-day trip near Kathmandu valley

Cost: Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 including petrol

The season when I traveled: November

Day 1: 

Kathmandu to Tarkeghyang – 4 hours bike ride

It’s just a 4-hour bike ride, so you can also get out of the office on Friday at 1 p.m. sharp and reach there by 6 p.m. There are plenty of hotels available there and you can stay at any hotel that offers a decent sleeping place. You can also reach the base of Ama Yangri on the same day and there is a hotel with a tent over there, but it’s recommended to prebook or confirm whether they have a stay facility or not as it’s the only place there.

Day 2: 

Tarkeghyang to Ama Yangri Peak

Ama Angri Peak to Kathmandu

You need to wake up early in the morning and start your journey. With a 1-hour bike ride, you will reach the base of Ama Yangri, where you have to leave your bike and start the walk. It will be around a 2.5-hour walk to the top of the peak. When you reach the peak, the view will just amaze you and you wouldn’t want to return. You can spend about 2 hours there, drinking coffee, eating lunch and relaxing.

I would suggest you listen to your favorite music in peace and watch those mighty mountains that surround you. If you are in the good season, you will also see the whole peak covered with snow.

After that, you can start your downhill walk, which will take you around an hour. You can just take your bike, go back to your hotel in around the next 45 minutes, eat your lunch, and be ready to be back in Kathmandu valley. It will take around 4 hours to reach Kathmandu. You can easily be back in Kathmandu on time if you are on your bike.

If you are taking a bike, then it’s recommended to take off-road bikes, even though other bikes will also reach there without many difficulties. It’s a religious place and you can also ask for your needs and then believe that they will be fulfilled in due time. 

Fun fact: I told Ama Yangri that I would be back soon and she made it happen immediately. I left my phone stabilizer there and realized it when I came down and was about to ride my bike. I had to be back immediately to take my stabilizer. I guess that’s one way of fulfilling the wish.

Map of Ama Yangri Peak

FAQ about Ama Yangri: 

How long will it take to reach Ama Yangri? 

It will take you 2 days to complete the Ama Yangri trek from Kathmandu.

How is the road condition of Ama Yangri?

Initial roads are well pitched but the last 1-hour travel is mostly offroad so offroad vehicles or bikes are suggested.

How far is Ama Yangri from Kathmandu? 

It’s around a distance of 90 KM from Kathmandu valley.

Will there be snowfall at Ama Yangri?

Yes, there will be snowfall at Ama Yangri during the winter season.

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