Solo treks in Nepal are one of the most fulfilling things to do, but it has its own share of risks. Here is the list of top trekking destinations if you are planning for a solo trek in Nepal. These locations are usually safer, have more hotels, and more travelers on the way, and the chances of rescue are better in case of any emergency.

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Trek In Nepal:

  • Annapurna Base Camp 
  • Mardi Himal
  • Khumai Danda
  • Poon Hill
  • Gosaikunda

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. It offers a beautiful view of Annapurna Mountain along with the view of Machhapuchre on the way. It’s a 7 to 9-day trek starting from Kathmandu valley based on our travel speed and vehicle availability.

It’s considered an easy trek if you are planning for a solo trek in Nepal as there are enough hotels available on the way with modern facilities. You will also find many people doing solo treks on this route. You can connect and make them your travel partner. Solo trek in Nepal -Annapurna Base Camp - ABC The trail is also pretty well made as a lot of trekkers travel there every year and it’s only increasing. The trek starts from one of the lovely cities of Nepal called Pokhara. You will find many fellow travelers on the way as it’s one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. You can experience dense forest walks, mountains, flowers, snow, wind, waterfalls, and more on the way to the base camp.

Reaching base camp can be one of the most fulfilling experiences that you can get. You will see an almost 360-degree mountain view from the base camp. The total cost of the trip would be somewhere around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000.

Mardi Himal

Mostly preferred by the people who are begging for their trek, this trek doesn’t offer any less excitement. It’s not been too long since it has been popular, but now we see a lot of people reaching this trek all the time. I was so excited to see the Yak grazing when we were at the base camp and I am glad I could capture its photo. Solo trek in Nepal - Mardi Himal - Yak You can complete this trek in 5 days if you start from Kathmandu and finish at Kathmandu. The trail is very clean along with good hotels on the way. You can see beautiful mountains everywhere from the base camp. The walk is also relatively easier and safe too if you are traveling solo. The total cost of the trip would be somewhere around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. Solo trek in Nepal - Mardi Himal

Khumai Danda

Khumai Danda trek is one of the shortest treks in Nepal and that’s why it is also the best destination for those planning for a solo trek in Nepal.

Solo trek in Nepal - Khuma Danda

If you are looking for a short trek in Nepal, this is the right choice. This trek is the best fit for someone who wants to travel during the weekend because the weekend is what it takes to be in the lap of the Himalayas. This is an easy trail and you can complete it by yourself. There is around 1 hour of dense forest in between this trail so it’s always a good idea to walk only during day time and stop before 5 pm at the late. Solo trek in Nepal - Khumai Danda You will get to experience the Rhododendron-covered forest to the snowcovered trails if you reach there in good season. This small trek is the best for beginners and will be enjoyed by everyone because of its less difficulty level as well as its short duration, but has a lot to offer during those times. This is a relatively new trek destination, so it’s not much likely to find other people on the way. Solo trek in Nepal - Khumai

Poon Hill

Poon hill is one of the most popular destinations for a solo trek in Nepal. Poon Hill itself offers a variety of experiences that we can get in trekking and also a gateway towards other trekking routes like Annapurna Base Camp. You can reach Poon hill from Pokhara easily in one and a half days. You can experience almost 360-degree mountain views there.

Hotels at Poon hill are pretty good as there is a good flow of tourists. As a solo traveler, you will also meet a lot of other travelers who are going to Poon hill or are passing from Poon hill for other treks. This way will always have people and is one of the safest treks for a solo trek in Nepal. Relatively, this is also the most affordable trek destination in Nepal.

Gosai Kunda

It’s a 5-day trek that people go for religious as well as sightseeing only. This place has great religious value too, so it would be heavily crowded if you go during Janai Purnima time.  The lake is somehow surrounded by some mountains and there are other multiple lakes nearby too. This is best for the solo trek in Nepal as you will find many hotels and teahouses on the way along with fellow travelers here and there.

Chandanbari - Gosaikunda Lake

You will have to go to Dhunche from Kathmandu which is a 6-hour drive. After that, you will have to walk for around 2 days to reach Gosaikunda and 1 and a half days to be back at Dhunche. 

Gosaikunda Lake

The lake looks gorgeous when it’s frozen too, and many people these days even take helicopter tours to the lake and spend there 30 minutes for a photoshoot or breakfast. A frozen lake has its beauty, while in a regular lake, you can take a bath and see the beauty of the water too. The choice is yours if you have 5 days to spend. 

When you are traveling solo, you need to be careful about your safety and health. It’s not like traveling in a group, and even a small mistake can be a life-threatening one when there is no help nearby. You should be mindful of the weather, your packing, hotel booking, walking boots and wearables, headlamps, etc, and more.

There are risks associated with this, but if you plan well, you can experience one of the most adventurous, and fulfilling experiences of your life. Please let us know if you have already done some solo treks in Nepal and share your experience that will help fellow travelers.

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