When I first researched Shimba Falls, I couldn’t believe that there was a place so close to Kathmandu yet so unexplored. I was excited and planned to go with friends immediately. But make no mistake, it’s not an easy place to reach and you need to plan well before you jump on this bike trip. Regardless of how hard or hectic this might be, the beauty of this trip is that you will complete this in a day and you can be at your home at night enjoying a sleep in your bed.

Detail Summary of Shimba Falls:

District: Lalitpur

Difficulty: Medium

Road Condition: Mostly pitch and 1 hour offroad

Days: 1-day trip

Cost: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500 

The season when I traveled: May

Google Maps Link of Shimba Falls:

Shimba Falls

We met at Satdobato as Meeting Point at 6 am so that we didn’t have to rush for the full day. All of us met on our bikes and then filled the fuel tank to be on the safe side. We also brought some water, food, drinks, and other necessary stuff that we might require on the way so that we don’t have to stop on the way time and again.

The day was gloomy and I was skeptical about the weather but we went regardless. After almost 2 hours of riding, it started to rain; we stopped to wear raincoats for some time. We were all set for the ride during the rainy weather but still, it felt very good. We were cautious and slow, but it stopped raining after some time. The view and the smell after the rainfall are out of this world.

It took us a 3-hour ride to Shimba Falls. Google maps are attached in the summary section above. You will reach by 11 am as there is a high chance that you will be lost time and again. Please coordinate well within your team and travel together without leaving anyone behind.

Around 40 mins the ride is offroad and the other way is pitched mostly and not too difficult. You need to ask the locals about the exact destination because there is a chance that you will be lost even by following Google maps. Finally, we found a place to park our bike at one place from where it would take the least to reach Shimba Falls.

After parking the bike, you need to walk around 40 mins to reach Simba falls.  The walk is pretty good and easy to do as it’s downward, but you need to be very careful as the way is narrow, and slipping there can be dangerous to your life. You can find different kinds of flowers too, on the way if you are in the right season. When you see the first glimpse of the waterfall, you will be super excited as you can see more than one waterfall from afar.

Shimba Waterfall - 7 Waterfalls

There is one major waterfall and the way leads directly to that waterfall. The bars are made, and a few steps are also made on the way to that waterfall, so we went there first. It was the biggest waterfall so we decided to stay them and started unpacking. We also cooked the food that we had taken with us. We cooked sausage, Salami, toasted bread, boiled wai-wai, and then finally prepared a good cup of tea for all of us.

It was a beautiful experience as we got to do that right in front of the waterfall. It was the only easily accessible waterfall and at the end, I tried to go to other waterfalls nearby but it was pretty difficult so I could see only 2-3 waterfalls and we started our way back.

It took us an hour to reach our bike parking point. Sun was too bright and the way was upward elevation so we were dehydrated, so it’s a good idea to save some water for the walk. We finally reached the bike parking point and started our way back home. We took only one 30 mins break in between for tea and some snacks and reached Kathmandu within a 3.5 to 4 hours timeline. It was around 9 pm when we reached home. 

The place is near Kathmandu valley, yet unexplored. Roads are kind of okay but completely offroad in the end and it’s better if you have offroad bikes, but the regular bikes will also reach there with some effort. This is a fairly unexplored place so you might not find a lot of people on the way and you need to be careful as you might get lost.

Carry water, food, and anything that you might need by yourself as you won’t get any places to buy anything when you are about the reach the fall. It’s a fun place to explore with your friends, but it’s suggested to travel in a group and be safe while going there. Finally, there are other similar waterfalls nearby Kathmandu where you can experience the beauty of falling water. Enjoy the place. Cheers!!!

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